The 6 things you need to make your first 1m online…

The 6 things you need to make your first 1m online…


So in today’s email I want to give you 6 critical strategies to making your first million online.

But before I get to that, a quick update…

I’m actually in San Jose, Costa Rica for the night. I drove up from the MOBE Resort (which is about 2 hours away) to spend the day looking for furniture, tiles, and plants for the gardens.

We are just a few weeks out from opening and so I really needed to get this done. It should have been done months back, but I didn’t like the prices I was being quoted by all the architects and interior designers (who add on huge margins), so I decided to go to the sources direct.

I started today off by going to the furniture stores to get their prices, which were almost half the interior designer’s!

Then I got my Uber driver to take me to the factories where the furniture is actually made.

And that’s where I found some really good prices.

For example, to get the king size beds I want, which are done in a classic hard wood style, I was told I’d need to pay $3,000 USD a couple weeks ago by the interior designer I hired.

Today, I was able to get the exact same beds,with 2 bedside tables for just $1,420. And one bedside table lamp (but then I got them to throw in the 2nd one for free as well!).

It reminds me of buying traffic. When you have multiple middlemen,

you’re always going to pay a lot more than you will having direct access to the sources.

Now you might be wondering why I’m going to all this effort to get the best prices for this furniture…

Well when you’re buying 40 of everything, then the costs can really start to add up.

So getting a great deal on everything means in the long run, at least $100k will be saved.

I don’t care how wealthy someone is – $100k is still worth saving!

Anyway, if you want to see more video updates about my journey in putting together this resort, add me on Snapchat. My ID is ‘mattlloydmobe’ – each day I’m sharing what’s happening there.

Oh and in case you missed it, here’s a quick video which shows what the resort looked like when I got it mid last year: