If you are like many of our students, you are both looking for education on digital marketing and the opportunity to make money to facilitate your online ventures. That is why we are bringing to you the exciting opportunity to capitalize in one of the HOTTEST DIGITAL INVESTMENT TRENDS ON THE MARKET TODAY: Digital (or Crypto) Currencies. If you are like I was, I was AFRAID to get started. I had heard about Bitcoin some time ago and thought it as a fad. I didn’t invest, with huuuuge opportunity cost to me.

BUT THEN, I was given another chance. And it’s changed my perspectives forever. 

In our efforts to help individuals who like me, may be scared to get started OR SIMPLY NOT HAVE THE TECHNICAL KNOW-HOW the Digital Entrepreneur Center has partnered with a company called USI-TECH is a technology company which specializes in the development of automated trading software in the FOREX market and TAKES THE TECHNICAL COMPLEXITY OUT OF THE BUSINESS.

The key benefits of this partnership include:

  • No Market or Trading or mining knowledge Required. We partnered with the experts to do that for you for you
  • You can make a consistent income 0.75% -1.25% a day on your money passively
  • Have opportunities to compound your income and build your upside potential and daily income to WAAAY more than you can find elsewhere ….
  • Low entry cost and no minimum investment requirement (USD$60 gets you going): You are free to jump in or slowly see the potential….. I did and many do :)
  • Opportunities to earn bonuses including a car and trips and other ways to accelerate profit beyond your wildest expectations
  • A FANTASTIC TEAM that is there to support you and teach your how to grow beyond baseline earnings

We have seen many entrepreneurs benefit PASSIVELY from investments in BITCOIN and other currencies. In fact Since March, USI Tech has created 18 NEW MILLIONAIRES and countless others who are making in excess of several hundred dollars per day.

My team and I will be personally there to support you,

Getting started with the training costs you nothing. All you have to do is set- up (and Verify your email) with a NO OBLIGATION starter account.

Get  started, there is NO DOWNSIDE  …..

I promise, your going to love me for introducing you to this. It will change your life. 

The Digital Humanist

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